1445 Chemin d'Aubaygues, 34700 Soubes

To visit : Lake Salagou

Lac Salagou Celles - Camping Hérault

Located 14 miles from Soubes, very close to Lodève and Clermont l’Hérault, Lake Salagou offers a colorful landscape. The nearby riverbanks and mountains are red ! The region offers a wide range of activities and conceals quantities of curiosities not to be missed.

Lake Salagou is a paradise for lovers of sliding sports or swimming (the water can reach 28° in summer) but also for hiking and mountain biking.

Long before the water invaded the valley, in the 1960s when the dam was commissioned, extraordinary animals trod the ground in the region. Footprints of dinosaurs but also of mammals have been discovered in the vicinity of the lake. Some traces date back 400 million years. The place of paleontological site and the Lodève museum allow visitors to observe them.
This natural space does not only delight holidaymakers and sports enthusiasts. A host of animal and plant species find in this very rich ecosystem a favorable environment for their development.

Sailing is authorized on Lake Salagou, unlike the navigation of motor boats. A specific area, near the dam, is reserved for the water supply of the canadairs.