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Hiking around Montpellier, choose Le Trail du Lodévois and Larzac this year

By choosing this trail you can hike around Montpellier, because it’s not just a competition. The Trail les Terrasses du Lodévois created by Spiridon Club Nature du Lodévois supports and organizes this event. First trail created in 2009 by a small group of Lodévois passionate about nature sports. From the magnificent red and blue lake of Salagou to the limestone plateau of Larzac at an altitude of 800 meters, our country is a natural stadium for lovers of outdoor sports. This trail will allow you to discover and develop outdoor sports in the Lodévois-Larzac region, while respecting and protecting the environment !

The 15 kilometer Trail

A departure from the shores of Lake Salagou. The ascent on the red ruffes to the top of the plateau. But the trail is not only used to surpass yourself physically but also allows you to discover nature and its flora between capitelle, dolmen, holm and white oaks, you have understood, you have the chance to take a real tour of the lake of Salago on foot!

Before returning to Olmet, it is necessary to be able to take the descent towards Puech. Visit the Château d’Olmet before taking the descent for the last time. Finally you will end up on Lodève. That’s it for the 15 km course & 550 m of elevation gain.

The 28 kilometer Trail

Departing from the village of Poujols, passing through the Murènes plateau, enter the Cirque de Labeil to the cave. Then it is necessary returned to the Buddhist temple of Lerab Ling and to conclude with the crossing of the forest of Escandorgue. Return to Lodéve thinking by Lauroux. Trail intermediates will be won over by the 28 km course & 1,300 m of elevation gain. And yes, you understood ! It’s not just a simple walk around Montpellier but a real challenge to enjoy the landscapes and the joy of taking part in a competition.

The 48 kilometer Trail

With a departure almost identical to that of 28 km, with a passage towards the plateau of Murènes, then take the road of a new path descending towards Pégairolles-de-l’Escalette, a rise towards the cliff, overhanging Pégairolles-de- l’Escalette, passing through Lergue then the typical Larzac plateau, leading to the Labeil cave. Cross the forest of Escandorgue leading to the Temple of Lérab Ling, after that, return to the village of Lauroux, with an arrival as for the others on Lodéve

Handi Trail & Kids Trail

The Trail does not forget you! Indeed, it was created for all :

  • People wishing to take part in the Handi trail can choose between walking, hiking or riding a Joelette. Designed and thought out to be suitable for the greatest number and all forms of disability, with several fallback solutions in case of fatigue. Refueling points will be made available for everyone (light or full);
  • And for the little ones, wishing to enjoy a stroll around Montpellier, with an age limit of 12 years old, an informal circuit with a grand arrival! It is a simple course and accessible to the youngest, for the departures there are staggered according to age and weather permitting.

The registration conditions are the same for everyone !

For a walk around Montpellier, sign up for the Trail Lodévois-Larzac !

These trail are open to licensees and non-licensees of all nationalities, men or women, born in 2004 or before. When registering, you must provide a medical certificate dated less than one year on the day of the competition. For professionals who wish to participate in the competition, remember to bring a certified copy of the person concerned, or his FFA license. Registrations will be closed after a maximum of 400 participants per trail.

To register, do not hesitate to go through the official website of the Terrasses du Lodévois, more and more information!

Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about the trail, indeed the boss is a big fan of running and hiking ! So, Camping des Sources would be a good base during the trail, we have accommodation available and compatible with the image of the Lodévois Trail